Jazmine Cooper

Co-Editor Jazmine Cooper is a sophomore from Colfax, Iowa. She is a Digital Media Marketing major, with minors in Writing and Editing and Critical Thinking and Persuasion. With a full schedule this year, you can find her in Drake Library or Doc Lacy’s with her nose shoved in a book. While that is a fun pastime for her, she would much rather be hanging out with friends or in the choir room working on some music.

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Ashlyen Fisher

Publisher for the eagle, Ashlyen, is a Senior studying graphic design, with writing and editing, and critical thinking and persuation miniors. Her time out of the classroom is spent at her job with a home decor business and with friends and family. With all busyness aside, she enjoys knitting, watercoloring, embordering and playing with her niece.


Hannah Van Kuiken

Hannah is a Junior, majoring in English, who grew up around OKWU. She loves to listen to anything from Chopin to Skillet (except country), write short stories, read actual books, knit, draw, and watch movies with her people. If you have questions about any fandom, ask and she will get it right 98% of the time. And if you have any movies, anime, or tv shows to recommend, she’d be happy to investigate them.  

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Jessica Bradford

Writer Jessica Bradford is a senior from Nashville, Arkansas. She plays basketball for the OKWU Lady Eagles. She is engaged to her longtime boyfriend and best friend from back home in Arkansas. As an athlete and as a senior she enjoys being outdoors, being in God’s word, and being with her fiancé and family when she gets to go home. She and her fiancé have a Great Dane named Harley. She can be found in Doc Lacy’s, in the Mueller Sports center, or just anywhere around campus. She loves hanging out with friends and getting to know new people.  

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Alison Theis

Alison is a Junior studying Music Business with a minor in US History, and originally hails from eastern South Dakota. Her favorite hobbies include playing Alto Sax or drums, archery, military history, and trail riding. If you’re looking for the true way into her heart, you must have a love of classic movies and an abundance of Star Wars trivia. However, bringing her an IBC Cream Soda will also win you major points. 

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Summer Smith

Summer Smith is a Junior from Grandview, Missouri, majoring in Secondary English Education. With the English education degree, she hopes to cultivate a love for reading, writing, and thinking critically within her future high school students. A fun fact about Summer is that she absolutely loves to hold little toads; toads always brighten her day. 

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Carlie Schouweiler

Carlie Schouweiler is a sophomore cartoonist from Bartlesville, Ok, who is majoring in graphic design. Her job is to create comic strips that bring laughter during difficult times for both students and teachers. Whenever she is not doing schoolwork, Carlie is either drawing, singing, playing video games, or hanging out with her friends. You will most likely find Carlie hanging out at Doc’s Lacy or passing by down the hallway if she is not busy studying. If you need a good laugh, Carlie can at least get a good chuckle out of you. 

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