Courtly Love or Just Commercialism?

written by: Jessie Sabin

As February rolls around, and we near Single’s Awareness Day, formerly known as “Valentine’s Day,” couples try to figure out what would be a good way to spend the holiday, while singles plan on chocolate ice cream and romantic comedies. Yes, to some, Valentine’s Day is a special day.  Mikaela Jones, a Criminal Justice major, said this on the matter: “Anybody can go out on a date anytime, but with Valentine’s Day, it is a little more special because it allows couples to reinforce their love for each other. Being in college, it may not be easy to go on a big, fancy date, but even the smallest gesture, when done on Valentine’s Day, can be special.”

Newly married Biology major Kiley Green said in an interview, “I think that love should be celebrated every day of the year, and there shouldn’t be so much pressure on making a specific day so monumental.” Green then goes on to say, “Valentine’s should be canceled and, we should have another Thanksgiving. The world needs more turkey.” As good as turkey is, Green is not the only one that finds the commercialism of the holiday annoying. Adam Smailes, a Pastoral/Youth Ministry major, said, “I just use it as an excuse to buy chocolate for [my fianceé].” Granted that there is a serious aversion to the commercialism of the “Day of Love,” people still like to go out and have fun with the people most dear to them anyway.

Ruthie Anderson, a Biblical and Theological Studies major, said, “Although Valentine’s day has become quite commercialized and in many cases altogether obligatory, I support any day commemorating courtly and/or familial love, especially one named after a saint of antiquity. It is a wonderful opportunity to show affection, honor, and appreciation for the person and/or people in your life that are dearest to you.” Be it love birds or lonely wolves, there are a few fun things to do for the holiday, or even for a regular date night. Here are a few activities that college couples can do here in Oklahoma.

Netflix and Sushi

Netflix has, for the most part, become a good study break for most college students. Naturally, it is also the top of the list for potential Valentine’s date ideas. A stay at home movie date is a simple and cheap way to enjoy Valentine’s Day. One way this laid-back date can be extra sweet is by ordering some sushi. Unfortunately, most sushi is pretty expensive; however, Bartlesville Sushi offers a five dollar menu that would allow a couple to order a delicious meal and still remain on a college budget, which usually runs around $20 per week.

Movie Night

Movies are always fun, especially when they are seen with others. College couples are in luck in the department of movie-watching, as there are several theaters around the Bartlesville/Tulsa area. To make this date idea even better, movies come in many genres, so couples that are not into the sappy, romantic movies typically associated with Valentine’s Day will have a choice of many other movies that stray away from this Valentine’s tradition.

Laser Tag

This idea is for the couple that likes to do something active and a little on the nerdy side. Tulsa has Laser Quest, which would be the best place to play a few good games of laser tag. This sport is the kind of activity that is good for a group of people or just for two, but either way, it is a great idea for Valentine’s Day.

Mini Golf

One enjoyable Valentine’s Day date is mini golf. Though not many think of mini golf when they are trying to decide what they want to do for Valentine’s Day, it is still a relaxing way to spend the day. Luckily, there are two places nearby that this activity can be enjoyed. The first is closer to campus, as it is the Sooner Jr. Mini Golf Course, which is, of course, located in Sooner Park. The second location is at All Star Sports in Tulsa.  Regardless of location, mini golf is yet another date night activity that is fun and competitive.

The Symphony

If music is more your tune, then maybe a night at the symphony is a good idea for a date night. There are many options for this, whether in Bartlesville, Tulsa, or even Oklahoma City. The rich sound of music is enjoyable to listen to with a Valentine, even if it is not Valentine’s Day. Classical music is relaxing for the listener, showing a brief window into history and what the world was like for these composers.

For the Single college students

Let’s face it—there are plenty of single people on campus, but that does not mean that they need to be left out on Valentine’s Day—excuse me—Single’s Awareness Day. For those who are going solo this holiday, try doing something with other singles instead of eating chocolate ice cream while crying over some cheesy romantic comedy. Group activities can come from some of the ideas mentioned earlier or from simply doing something that your group of friends would do on a normal day.

Whatever the activity—be safe, have fun, and have a happy Valentine’s Day!