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Desiree Made the Best Move She Could Make 

Written by: Jonathan Clayton 

For Desiree Nziramasanga, Oklahoma Wesleyan University was not somewhere she imagined moving to during college, but after a year of a lot of thought and prayer, God led her here and she says it “has been one of the best decisions I have made. Desiree has a lot of insight to share with students and faculty alike and is looking forward to many adventures in her new home. 

Desiree grew up in Marshall, Texas, but moved to Irving, Texas, near popular attractions such as the AT&T Stadium. Talking about her family, she says that “My grandma is my best friend, my mom is second in my heart, and I have three sisters, two on my dad’s side and one on my mom’s side. Unfortunately, I only talk to the sister on my mom’s side, and my dad passed away when I was almost three.” 

A freshman, Desiree is going for a psychology major, hoping one day to become a children’s therapist. She wants to go into this profession because, as she says, “I always wanted to do something like this when I was growing up and I love kids a lot. I feel that we need to reach that age before they experience even worse things as they get older.” 

Desiree is a corner on the Lady Eagles softball team, which means that she plays first and third base. She has been playing the game for about seven years. Her favorite thing about her sport is the community she has with her team. She says, I enjoy building a family, becoming sisters, and positively impacting each other.” 

Desiree said that attending Oklahoma Wesleyan has impacted her spiritually by allowing her to grow in her faith in the first month she has been here. She says “I came here to be in a Christian environment, and it has helped me a lot. Recently gave a devotional to my softball team and will give one to the volleyball team soon.” 

For someone considering attending OKWU, she advises that it is a small environment, but it is extremely welcoming. She says, “It’s like you are still at home. There are really nice and loving people here.” 

A fun fact about Desiree is even though that her last name starts with an “n, it is silent, so the twelve letters that make up her last name are pronounced “zero-ma-song-ah. She is proud of her heritage, and she enjoys family reunions when she gets to see the entirety of her family, along with monthly birthday celebrations at her great grandparents’ house. Desiree is a fan of the Georgia Bulldogs because they are the underdog team, she enjoys playing Mortal Combat and Madden 19 on her PS4, and she loves coloring. 

Desiree’s goals for herself this year are to apply for work at church camps and FCA camp, to boost her GPA, and to make a spiritual impact on those around her. In her short time at OKWU, her favorite part has been the people she has met and the connections she has made. She says that “it makes a big difference, rather than going to a school where people do not talk to each other or want to introduce themselves. There is great energy here!”