Dr. Weeter: Choosing Success

Written By: Liam Watts / Photo By: Lori Storie

Dr. Weeter has lived and worked at Oklahoma Wesleyan University for 32 years. In that time, he has collected innumerable titles and accolades for his work and from his students. ‘Professor, pastor, adviser, dean, provost, myth, legend’, ‘the man with all the answers’, ‘the indescribable’. These are just a few of the ways students view Dr. Weeter, but all of these and more constitute the makeup of a man who whose life’s passion has been “to teach, to study, and to learn” in pursuit of God’s ministry.

Growing up in Ohio, Dr. Weeter originally believed that he was called into healthcare and spent his first 2 years of university as a pre-med student. However, during his second year he felt drawn by God to something different. Rather than submit and trust God with his calling, Dr. Weeter instead tested God as Gideon did by laying out a proverbial fleece. Much to his surprise, God left no doubt as to what Dr. Weeter was to do. From that point onward he dove headfirst into the ministry. What confused him at first was the false idea that ministry only meant opening a church, becoming a pastor, or traveling to the ends of the earth on missionary journeys. He knew he needed to go into ministry, but didn’t feel drawn to any of these lifestyles. What he didn’t realize, is that God can use you for ministry in any number of places. It wasn’t until this epiphany that Dr. Weeter’s realized his passion for academia: teaching, studying, and learning, could all be used for God as ‘ministry.’ His many years in the ‘ministry’ of education have earned him a bachelor of theology, a master of divinity, and a doctorate in both ministry and theology

Dr. Weeter’s passion for learning extends to teaching as well; however, and soon he found himself looking for a long-term professorship. Both he and his wife, Brenda had a desire to stay in Ohio near family, but he quickly began looking further afield. So, after arriving in Bartlesville for an interview with the then called, Bartlesville Wesleyan College, Dr. Weeter promised his wife he wouldn’t accept the job on the spot if it was offered. Amazingly, that’s exactly what happened. In all his years at Oklahoma Wesleyan University, Dr. Weeter cannot recall another instance of this occurring, but some things are just made to be.

These days Dr. Weeter keeps himself busy teaching classes like Wisdom Literature and The Life of Wesley, working as the dean of ministry and the academic Provost, and pastoring a small church. He enjoys staying close to Bartlesville to be nearer to his three children and his grandchildren. He says that one of his greatest passions is “watching how God has used my students, and now having the children of my students become students as well.” In fact, another important member of the religious faculty at Oklahoma Wesleyan University, Dr. McNall, is a former student of Dr. Weeter’s too.

When asked what advice he would choose to give to students of Oklahoma Wesleyan University, Dr. Weeter closed with the same warning he relates to all freshman. “Any students who fail academically here choose to fail. The faculty here is willing to work with anyone, and in all my years here this has proven to be true. Any student who wants to succeed can succeed. Failure is a choice. Take it seriously.” Don’t squander the amazing opportunity you have to be at Oklahoma Wesleyan University. Make the most of your time, your classes, and your teachers