I got the Ring before spring!

 Written By: Jessica Bradford 

What does it mean to get a ring by spring? It means that you are getting married, eventually, to the love of your life that God made you to be with be. This shows the bond of love that each of you share for each other. It is the most magical, and glorious thing that will change the whole status of a relationship.  

My love story started back in high school when my fiancé and I attended two different high schools that were in towns fifteen minutes apart. I went to high school in Nashville, Arkansas, while my fiancé went to high school in Mineral Springs, Arkansas. We met at my hometown restaurant Starz after my best friend had convinced me to talk to him. We got to know one another all throughout our high school years and became good friends. Then after we had graduated from our high schools, he stayed in Arkansas to work while I attended OKWU. 

Through my first year of college, I was not looking to date anyone after a recent break up; I had only dated my ex-boyfriend for two months. I was doing fine with not being in a relationship, even though I felt lonely seeing everyone around me getting together. That was when I received an unexpected call from my high school friend, I van Hill. So, we talked over Snapchat and over the phone. Later, during my first semester while getting prepared for finals, he called to ask me out on a date after Christmas. I said yes of course! 

As soon as I went home for Christmas Break, I decided not to tell my parent until the day of our date that he was coming over to take me out. Shockingly, my parents were okay with it. My thought of my parents being okay with this idea was, “who are you and what have you done with my real parents?!” I did not even know how to react until he walked in the house and introduced himself to my parents and my brother. Our date had turned out great as we went to go shopping and to the movies. A few days later he asked me if we were official as a couple, and I said yes. We had been dating since New Year’s Eve in 2018. 

Ever since that day, we have spent so much time with each other. Either while I had been home, or when he would come to see me at college. Even though we were doing long distance, we still had remained faithful to each other, and he has loved me like God has loved me. I have been so thankful for him ever since he had come into my life. Last summer, he had a plan to ask me to marry him, before I moved back to college for the last time. I did not even expect it to happen at all. He had got me a ring and kept it from me.  

On August 9, 2020, we were in his bedroom, chilling on the couch talking. Being around each other, until he wanted me to look for something in a drawer. Sure enough I was thinking, “Okay, what is going on here?”  So, I got up went over to the drawer he was talking about, opened it and found a small box. So, I opened that box to find a small black velvet box inside of it. Then I opened the small black velvet box to find a ring, and with crying tears of happiness, I looked at him and he asked me to marry him. I cried because I had said “yes” to become his soon-to-be wife. When thinking about spending the rest of my life with him, I could not be happier.  

Ever since that day, we have been the happiest couple to love on each other, and to know what the future holds for us. We are planning our wedding out to be on October 16, 2021. He and I are very excited to be united when the day comes for us to be married. I am excited for he and I to become Mr. and Mrs. Ivan Frank Hill Jr. F