Looking for Your NEXT Step? 

Written by: Jazmine Cooper

Jackie Fussner, a mobilizer from NEXT, a missionary program partnered with Global Partners, came to speak at Altar on September 15. The NEXT program is an initiative that takes people interested in global missions around the world to mobilize the next generation. They love helping people “explore who they are in God’s mission.” It is a new program under the leadership of Global Partners, a mission’s organization that OKWU is familiar with. Jackie Fussner and Dina Horne co-direct the program – Jackie, as the mobilizer, goes to places to get people interested, like Altar. Dina is the site developer – she researches with Global Partners where they feel led to have a site. This could be anywhere in the world; there are trips to Eastern and Central Europe and the Turkic Arabic region this June and July, as well as Thailand in August. Jackie told stories about where she and others from the program have been and how God has called His people to share the gospel to people who have never heard it before. She left an open call to students who were interested to come talk to her or to senior Sam Hurley and sophomore Anna Hutchinson, who are students involved in the program.

Joining NEXT is a fantastic opportunity for students who want to experience missions and be fully immersed in another culture. This is also a way to share the gospel to people who have never heard it before. Each of the sites is a church-planting site, where students are given the chance to meet with people from the culture and learn how to answer questions about our faith.

Jackie is very hopeful that students are moved to help and be a part of the program. The whole point of the initiative is to show students, or anyone interested, what their role in the Kingdom of God is. Going on the trips will not only allow students to teach others about the gospel but also teach them how amazing God is and what they can do to further His kingdom. It truly is something that every person should experience once in their life.

If you are interested in participating this year, or in the future, go to their website or Instagram by searching NEXT. This is a way for you to grow in your faith as well as grow the kingdom of God!

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