Made for More

Written By: Brianna Hudson

Slipping again –  

the weights of a burdened world 

bruised on our skin –  

bound by the fate of humanity 

separate from Him, 

dripping with sin,  

tumbling through the shifting shadows 

without end.  

Is this how we were meant  

to live?  

Drowning again –  

in the depths of swelling seas 

no one can reach 

and no one can see.  

Fake smiles lids on oceans 

boiling behind our teeth.  

Is this how it was meant  

To be?  

Stumbling through blindly 

a life made of nothing?  


Open your eyes.  

There’s a glimmer in the ocean,  

a glowing in the deep –  

a Man who comes clothed in  

our clothes,  

heart beating for our hearts,  

beneath our kind of skin and bones.  

A Man who keeps His word 

and pulls us out of our dark and shadowed 


unites us again,  

and brings us home.  

And though we thought we could never be 

anything more than stumbling 

human beings 

we were made –  

always were made –  

for higher things,  

times like these.  


and joy,  

pain and  


Through oceans as dark as our seas 

and shadows as thick as we’ve seen,  

through hands bruised and dirtied as these,  

his hands reach.  

He wants you and me –  

we the people –  

His hands and feet.  

May we show the world  

His unity.