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Newsies Go on Strike

Written By: Maggie Wince


The OKWU Eagle was re-booted last year in an effort to bring the community of OKWU together on a digital platform. The current Eagle Magazine has been publishing for three semesters and hopefully many to come. Behind the scenes, the Eagle staff has been working diligently to create and publish content that is meaningful and intriguing. While doing all this hard work, they decided a much-needed break would be appropriate, especially since most of the work is done independently in staff members’ own time. Liam Watts suggested that instead of the weekly meeting, the staff should go out and do something fun. He suggested bowling. A unanimous cheer was audibly shouted, and it was settled that the newspaper staff would go bowling the following week.

It was quickly obvious that no one on the newspaper staff was going professional anytime soon. The staff split into two lanes with Jeremiah, Liam, and Maggie playing two games. The other lane hosted Blythe, Annie, Kody, and Alison (Kody and Alison are friends of the staff and were therefore invited to this exhibition of talents).

While no one broke any records at this sport, they all had great fun.

Blythe Freshwater, the Eagle’s Editor-in-Chief, had a great game on her side with a final score of 75, tying with her boyfriend Kody Moseman. Annie Heck, the grammatical queen and copy editor of the Eagle, finished in third place of that lane with a score of 69. Alison Theis didn’t bowl spectacularly but had great spirits as she finished with a score of 17.

Jeremiah Storkson, who writes the reflections column as well as the restaurant review articles, started the first game off with six gutter balls in a row. He finished his first game with an optimistic score of 45. Luckily, Jeremiah started the second game much stronger and ended up with a solid score of 101. Liam Watts, the Eagle writer with the most variety in his writing, was a strongly mediocre bowler. He finished his first game with 80 and second game with 83. Maggie Wince, the Website Publisher, finished in first for both games. She killed it with only one strike in each game but still came out in the lead, creaming her opponents, Jeremiah and Liam.

Bowling was a fantastic chance for our staff to enjoy each other’s fellowship. Part of the joy of being on newspaper staff is the ability to make friends with kids of all different majors, different ages, different social circles, and different strengths. The Eagle’s mission is to promote TLC on campus: Truth, Laughter, and Community. Bowling was just a taste of the fun students can have working as a team.

As always, the newspaper staff is looking for people to join in the fun. We welcome anyone and will cater to your strengths. If you love poetry, or short stories, or educational pieces— we want that. If you love event reporting or sports reporting— we want that. If you are a great photographer or artist– we want that. We want you and all your talents. Email or talk to a staff member to learn how you can be a part of a team, have fun, and make friends—for university credit.