OKWU Eagles Celebrate Valentine’s Day Weekend

Written by Jazmine Cooper

This past weekend OKWU celebrated Valentine’s Day with many events that provided a fun outlet for the day of love! From a night for the ladies, to speed dating for anyone interested, and a pageant for the men of OKWU to show off their talents and charm. 

The celebration started on Thursday when Student Government held a Galentine’s party in Doc Lacy’s. This is a play on words, as only ladies were allowed to attend. There were snacks, karaoke, and romcoms playing in the back room as the women of OKWU enjoyed a night of crafting and socializing together. With sticker making and painting at one table, the ladies were able to channel their inner artists and create beautiful masterpieces to share with their valentines, or just to keep for themselves. They emulated pop stars and Broadway legends with the karaoke machine, singing their hearts out throughout the night. From classics like “Let It Go” to heart-warming ballads like “Love Story” by Taylor Swift. It was a big hit with the ladies, as was evident from the pinata finale that showered them in candy. 

Friday night gave students the chance to find their one true love through speed dating. Students dressed as fictional characters and got to know each other from that character’s perspective. Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber had an awkward encounter when they were paired up to get to know one another. Boo from Monsters, Inc. tried her best to communicate with those talking to her, but only being four years old, her communication has not expanded much. Anne of Green Gables made an appearance as well, chatting it up with a fraternity brother who took to her braids. The evening was filled with laughs and smiles, as students tried their best to take their characters seriously. Tristan Lujan and Rebekah Heck won best characters, dressing up as Coco and Anne of Green Gables.  They received a gift card to Docs as their trophy. Many are hoping to continue the event next year with many more characters looking to find love. 

OKWU’s celebration of love had an epic conclusion with Mr. Eagle on Saturday night. To make sure that the men of OKWU had their time like the ladies, Student Government arranged a pageant where the men of OKWU were able to show off their talents and charm to a table of judges and the student body. Participants were given the chance to tell a little bit about themselves, then move to the talent portion. There were many talents showcased, from playing the saxophone to hydro-dipping a pair of shoes. Josue Cruz serenaded the crowd with a Spanish love ballad, causing the audience as well as the judges to swoon. There were also daring deeds such as backflips and handstands, and a phenomenal dance number. The votes were tallied after all of the gentlemen performed their best. The audience was given the chance to vote for their favorite man to become Mr. Eagle. After deliberation, junior Bryce Stratton won the Hatchling Award, which was second place. Our 2021 Mr. Eagle was junior Josue Cruz. 

Cruz was a humble winner, crediting his awesome competitors for their valor. “I am so honored and humbled to receive this award, I want to thank my friends and family who supported me and voted for me. But most of all I want to thank the boys [who competed with me] who loved on me and helped me take the crown. To God be the glory!”

Students were given Sunday to be with their significant others or their friends. This weekend’s celebration of Valentine’s Day was a great time for all, and many are excited to continue with these new traditions for years to come!