On the Road: Four Ideas for the Perfect Fall Road Trip

Written By: Emma Baldwin/ Photography found by: Isaak Rowe

I don’t know about you, but at this point in the semester, I am ready for a road trip. I don’t know if it’s the coming of fall or the distance of summer break, but something about this time of year makes me want to feel the freedom of hitting the road, sleeping in hotels, and being spontaneous. Lucky for us, fall break is right around the corner. There are many options of places to travel for this adventure that are relatively close and offer entertainment for decent prices.

Kansas city skyline and MO river

To begin with, Kansas City sits about 180 miles from Bartlesville, requiring around four hours of driving time. Kansas City is a fun getaway for the traveler who is looking for a big city feel without an overwhelming amount of traffic or people. While it is in and of itself a fun place to explore without a specific agenda, Kansas City provides visitors with some great activities. One such activity is the American Jazz Museum, which offers a taste of the city’s history for free. At the end of a long day of sight-seeing, the explorer can stop at Arthur Bryant’s Barbecue to be immersed in the culture of Kansas City and have some of the best barbecue Kansas has to offer.

Branson MO

At a slightly smaller distance of about 150 miles (about three and a half hour’s drive) from Bartlesville, Branson, Missouri, is a great option for this autumn escape.

Silver Dollar City, Branson’s claim to fame, proves a great outlet for the thrill-seeker in the group. This attraction offers a number of different roller coasters and activities. It also provides shows, cooking classes, and more for those in the group that aren’t interested in roller coasters. Tickets are available at a lower price of $54 through the 27th of October.

For the true restless spirits who are willing to put in more driving time, Galveston, Texas, provides a great opportunity to fill the mid-semester road trip void. At about 590 miles from Bartlesville, this location requires about ten and a half hours in the car. However, the activities are well worth the drive. The Galveston beach is an excellent way to kick off fall break.

pier at Galveston TX

Additionally, travelers can visit the Galveston Island Historic Pleasure Pier, offering exciting rides and a beautiful view of the ocean. For $27, the visitor has a chance to revert back to the joys of childhood on a crisp Texas evening.

downtown Colorado Springs

Last, but certainly not least, Colorado Springs offers a beautiful getaway for the hard-core road tripper. After roughly eleven hours in the car (639 miles), the traveler can welcome fall in the Sangre de Cristo mountains. There are plenty of places to hike in Colorado Springs, including Garden of the Gods, Pike’s Peak, the Manitou Springs Incline, and countless other breathtaking spots. Also, the Loft event center offers swing dance lessons and a time of free dance every Wednesday at 7:30.


These are a few of the many options for fellow vagabonds on campus. Fall is the perfect time to put on a fuzzy sweater, pack your belongings in a tiny duffel bag, and hit the road. Wherever you do go, take some friends and enjoy every second. May your roads be winding and your adventures be memorable. Happy travels, friends!