Open Mic Night at Outpost Coffee

Written By: Liam Watts / Video by: Elbert Lawrence

SamFresh coffee. Live music. Chocolate cake. What more could you possibly want on a Friday night? Outpost Coffee, located on 200 E. 4th Street Bartlesville, OK, is a recent addition to Bartlesville’s local coffee scene, but they have absolutely exploded on to it. At Outpost, you will always find premium coffee blends and familiar faces. Part of their appeal comes from being a combination of both roastery and café. This means that they process their own beans in addition to brewing them. Likewise, their open atmosphere lends itself to being both a productive workplace and a creative atmosphere.

39522497_2034519766566447_7843205526308519936_nOutpost’s latest Open Mic took place last Friday (September 7th), and if their first endeavor was a great success, the second was a roaring triumph. Doubling, and perhaps even tripling, the audience and number of performers, Outpost was the place to be. Many of those at OKWU will recognize some of the great acts including current students and alumni such as Sam Thomas, Noah Storkson, Shane and Sheresa Grate, and Liam Watts. Various songs filled the air with a little something for everybody. What did OKWU students have to say about the Open Mic night, though? Doc Lacy’s barista Cheyenne Brizzee described it as “an experience you can’t get anywhere else in Bartlesville; it’s a Tulsa vibe in Bartlesville.”

Coffee culture connoisseur Hannah Holloway said that she loves it because it “connects the community.” Senior ministry major Mark Boettcher said that “the Open Mic was a relaxing experience that I could enjoy with my family and friends.”

While the date for the next Open Mic has yet to be announced, it is tentatively planned for the first Friday of every month, or October the 5th. We can be certain that it will be another smash hit with the community. So, keep an ear open and an eye out because it’s something you won’t want to miss.