Resolved to Making Resolutions 

Written by: Jazmine Cooper 

Have you ever made a New Year’s Resolution? I know I have. Have I kept any of them? Nope! I have made countless resolutions to make my life better, and I have never kept up with them because I have given up about a week and a half later. I just do not get committed enough to the idea. This week, I went out on campus and asked the student body if they made any resolutions for the new year.  

Many people made the resolution to work out. This is a popular resolution that many try in the beginning of the year and never see through completely. But freshmen Kara Gratwick and Kati Toy have committed to it. Kara said, “I think it’s going to help me get healthier and be more productive.” Kati agreed and said, “When I work out, it gives me the feeling that I have accomplished something, and, not going to lie, I love the feeling I get when I sweat!”  

Other students, like freshmen Theresa Olsen and Candis Gaines, have decided to focus on hydration. They both have made drinking water a big priority in their everyday lives. Candis has chosen to drink a full 12-ounce cup of water before every meal and to carry around a full water bottle during the day to ensure she is getting all the hydration she can. This is a resolution that many of the music students have taken to, as the choir director, Dr. Stewart, is adamant about drinking plenty of water before practices and performances. Athletes as well are required to drink at least half of their body weight in fluid ounces of water each day. 

Other students, however, have resolved to expand their minds. Sophomore Ben Bender has made the decision to read more this year so he can grow his love for literature.  

One resolution that everyone seemed to agree on is to grow spiritually. Whether it is doing devotions daily or reading more of the Bible, many have decided that this year is going to be big for them spiritually. Sophomore Debra Moore said, “I just want to learn to trust God more this year [and] really depend on Him rather than me.” This is something that many people echoed as they heard it, and I know that it resonates with me for the year.  

Some students have taken cleanses from social media. Senior McKenna Deck is one of them. “I just wanted to take a break,” she said. For more on this topic, check out Rachel Lamb’s article about social media fasts and how they have become very popular in today’s culture.  

Resolutions can be hard to keep, so let’s keep all our fellow Eagles in our prayers that they keep their resolutions through the entire year of 2020!