Sing Street: Movie in Review

By Liam Watts

Sometimes movies make us feel like we are riding high on top of the world; they make us feel so good we just want to get up and dance. Other times, they pull on our heartstrings, drawing us deep into their worlds where we cannot help but become emotionally invested. Sing Street (rated PG-13) is a movie that effortlessly does both in equal measure. At points you’ll want to sing and tap your feet, and then moments later you’ll just want to give somebody a hug. Produced by Likely Story, it’s a movie about the tenacity of chasing dreams and falling in love. It also doesn’t hurt that it throws in a great mix of comedy, an underdog love story, and unforgettable original music.

The story of Sing Street begins as we follow Conor through the monotony of his regular, boring life. Conor is a normal 14-year-old kid who lives in Dublin during the 1980s. He wakes up, goes to school, and then eventually, goes to sleep. He receives a much-needed jumpstart on his life, however, when he meets the effortlessly cool and mysterious Raphina. As they begin to learn more about each other, Conor finds out that Raphina works as a model, and, wanting to impress this cool and mysterious girl, he requests that she models in a music video for his band. The only thing is, there is no band! Unwilling to back down and wanting to spend more time with Raphina, Conor recruits a group of misfits from his school to create a ragtag band, and desires maybe to just sing his way into Raphina’s heart.

Sing Street isn’t just a fun movie; it also has a lot to say. When we are young, all of us have this uncanny ability to dream boldly. Younglings have this ability to charge into life, hoping for the best, and knowing that they will succeed. At its heart, this is exactly what Sing Street is about: charging boldly into life. Sing Street wants to leave you with a message that says, “If you can dream, it you can do it.” The best part about this move, though, is that it’s on Netflix right now. So, what are you waiting for? Give it a shot. Charge into life, and drive it like you stole it.