Some Italian Flavor in Small-Town Oklahoma 

Written By: Jeremiah Storkson / Photos By: Jon-Calvin Chance

This week’s restaurant is “molto buona,” or as we Americans say it, it is very good. I am talking about a restaurant that brings an Italian flavor to Bartlesville, Oklahoma. This place is called “Luigi’s Italian Restaurant.” I have had their food through the catering service they provide, but recently went to their physical location for the very first time with my friends Andrew Smith, Benjamin Bender, and Jon-Calvin Chance. One of the best parts of the experience at Luigi’s is actually what you get at the beginning of the meal. I am talking about the incredible bread.  “When people say ‘let’s go get this bread,’ they are talking about Luigi’s bread because it is amazing,” wrote Cheyenne Brizee in a message to the OKWU Eagle Magazine Instagram account (shameless plug! Follow us for updates!).

Andrew, Ben, Jon-Calvin, and I all second Brizee’s statement. The bread gave the meal a wonderful start. We also had some amazing shrimp soaked in a flavorful garlic sauce as our appetizer. We all then ordered our different meals. Ben ordered baked ziti, and said it was “very authentic.” He also commented that he “appreciated that there was no shortage of sauce.” That quote couldn’t be truer. Luigi’s doesn’t play around with the sauce: they take it very seriously. Andrew had spinach raviolis, mozzarella sticks, and a Caesar salad. Andrew said that Luigi’s “has a good atmosphere and really catches the Italian theme.” He also added that the food was “okay for the price.” Jon-Calvin had a giant Caesar salad and called it “okay.” He also said that, in his opinion, it could have been a bit better for the price. I personally ordered the eggplant parmigiana and found it to be very enjoyable!

Overall, I give Luigi’s a solid 7/10. The atmosphere is awesome and feels authentic. Plus, the food is very good! If you enjoy Italian food and are looking for a good alternative to your normal dinner, or if you are looking for a date destination, Luigi’s is the place for you.

Luigi’s Italian Restaurant
3822 E Frank Phillips Blvd, 
Bartlesville, OK 74006