Written by Hannah Van Kuiken

For many years, there has been a trend that I’m pretty sure will never go out of style: putting stickers on our computers. Why do we put stickers on our computers? For me, I put stickers on my computer because it allows me to have some fun, and show what I’m interested in. Guilty weebo over here 😉. I ran out of space on my computer so I started putting stickers on my car; but, have yet to follow the trend of putting stickers on my water bottle. Is it the same for everyone else, though?  

I began to wonder, what kind of stickers do our peers put on their devices, and why? I went to our library to see what kinds of stickers decorated my fellow OKWU students’ computers and what they meant. There were so many stickers, that I was nearly blinded by everyone’s awesome creativity! I saw a few OKWU and Oklahoma stickers, some stickers from out of state, cool science illustrations, Christian symbols, uplifting quotes, and a lot of favorite foods, drinks, music, brands, teams, and movies.  

Jazmine Cooper said that she has her stickers because they represent companies she supports, she likes Harry Potter, and one of her stickers serves as a reminder to love everyone. One girl that I asked, had Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride stickers on her computer. Hats off to her! Another guy put an Apple sticker on his computer to cover up the HP logo on the device. His colleague called him a “poser”! Ouch! Ashlyen Fisher explained that her stickers held memories with friends and when she went to London, England, UK with her mother during the summer. There are also several students that have stickers on their computers that were made by our very own JC! 

When I asked why they had the kind of stickers they had, I was given all kinds of different answers. Besides the traditional “because it’s cool” answer, one person said that it adds flavor. Oof, that was a good answer! Another person said that stickers are smaller, more convenient, and cheaper than buying a t-shirt. True that! As cool as it would be to have a Chronicles of Narnia t-shirt, I think I’ll just stick to the sticker on my computer. All in all, stickers allow one’s personality to shine through in ways that your major or fashion style cannot. They are a part of your life.  

Stickers are an expression of personality, and allow your fun side to show on a dull surface. You can proudly display alliances (go Iowa Hawkeyes!), make statements (I’m allergic to stupidity), show interests, and inspire originality. Our stickers are simply another example of how God has created us fearfully and wonderfully. It makes me happy to see that we are free to show off our personalities. One guy even gave me an idea to put stickers on the bottom of my computer because I have run out of room (insert smiling devil emoji). We are all God’s beautiful children, and we are all created differently, but together. Here at Oklahoma Wesleyan University, we are united in Christ.