“Taco Tuesday” at Taco Pachitas

Written By: Jeremiah Storkson / Photos By: Jon-Calvin Chance

This week, for taco Tuesday of course, a couple friends and I went to “Taco Pachitas,” a taco restaurant right here in Bartlesville. It’s actually a sit-down version of Tacos Maria’s, the local taco shack. Taco Pachitas is owned by the same people, so the same food is served at both locations. We began with free chips and salsa, along with queso for a cheap additional price. It was the queso that stole the show, as it was creamy and delicious! We then began with the main course.

I ordered 3 tacos: two lengua (beef tongue) tacos and a chorizo (Mexican beef) taco. These tacos came with delicious rice and refried beans, and they were absolutely incredible. The lengua tacos were tender and very flavorful, and the chorizo taco was spicy and full of gusto! Jon-Calvin Chance, the photographer for this article, got a great quesadilla, along with refried beans and rice. He said, “The queso and quesadilla were great, but the rice and beans were not the best compared to others in Bartlesville. Overall I give them a 7/10”. Spenser White also came along, and ordered some tamales. He described his experience by saying, “The queso was fantastic. It was warm and creamy. The meat in the tamales was tender and spicy”. Overall, we all thought it was a great way to get a good meal under 10 dollars in Bartlesville. If you ever find yourself wanting tacos, this is the place to be.

Tacos Pachitas
609 SW Frank Phillips Blvd
Bartlesville, OK 74003