Tacos Maria: Bartlesville’s Best Taco 

Written By: Jeremiah Storkson/Photos by: Jon-Calvin 

Recently me, Jon-Calvin Chance, and Gabe and Lauralyn Belden went for some tacos at Tacos Maria, a local taco joint in Bartlesville. Tacos Maria has existed for a long time, but recently opened a new shop! This place is incredible! I personally got four street tacos. I got two chorizo tacos, a lengua taco, and a beef taco. Jon-Calvin ordered a steak quesadilla, while Gabe had two supreme tacos and Lauralyn had Steak Alambre with corn tortillas. We also enjoyed jauritos (Mexican soda), and some incredible chips and salsa.  I honestly will give this restaurant a high rating, a 9/10. Lauralyn said it was “very authentic and had a welcoming atmosphere”. Gabe commented that “delicious never felt so cheap”. Amen Gabe, amen. Jon-Calvin said that Tacos Maria is a “solid place to eat with friends and not break the bank!”. He rated it at an 8/10. The food is amazing, the service is incredible, and the facility is clean. It is everything you want in a good restaurant. If you are wanting to enjoy taco heaven, enter the gates of Tacos Maria. You will find every hunger you have ever had for authentic Mexican food in a town such as Bartlesville satisfied. It is also extremely friendly to the budget of a college student. Need I say more? Make your way down to Tacos Maria for a truly incredible experience.  


Tacos Maria 

3900 SE Frank Fillips Blvd,  

Bartlesville, OK 74006