The Best Place to Have a Killer Breakfast AND Get Married

Written By: Jeremiah Storkson / Photos By: Jon-Calvin Chance

Recently, a few friends and I went to a heavenly place. Well, maybe it wasn’t heaven, but you’ll understand why it feels that way in just a second, so keep reading!

This heavenly place is called “Burger Hop.” It may have “burger” in its name, and I am sure they make great burgers, but the main reason you go to Burger Hop is for the breakfast. Basically, you can pay under ten dollars to get an all-you-can eat breakfast. Yes, I just said ALL-YOU-CAN-EAT. Need I even say more? This means you get unlimited, bacon, eggs, French toast, and almost anything else your hungry heart so desires. I personally got about five pieces of crispy bacon, hash-browns, fried eggs, and some incredible French toast. I was a wimp and only went back for more hash-browns, but the others I was with were studs and took advantage of the abundance of food.

Jabin Umfleet, after conquering this gauntlet of breakfast food, said “Burger Hop’s all-you-can-eat breakfast is one that grants my deepest desire in life besides Jesus; a full stomach accompanied by a full wallet.” Amen, Jabin, amen. If that doesn’t convince you to check this place out, here are a few other quotes from some friends who came along: “I was pleasantly surprised when they brought out my food and it was two whole plates. Then I tasted it and I knew I am coming back in the future,” said Andrew Smith. Jon-Calvin Chance said, “Killer breakfast. I give it a ten out of ten!” Spenser White said, “The hash-browns were cooked to perfection and the made-to-order eggs tasted great.”

Another thing that will make you want to check out The Burger Hop is that you may see someone get married. Yep, someone actually has gotten married inside the restaurant. The waitress who was helping us out said she didn’t even expect it. She walked out of the kitchen and saw two people exchanging vows in the middle of the restaurant, surrounded by good breakfast food. I don’t know about you, but if someone is willing to get married inside of a restaurant, it usually means that the food is pretty spectacular. Check it out!

The Burger Hop
900 SW Frank Phillips Blvd,
Bartlesville, OK 74003