Written by Hannah Van Kuiken

If you’re new to the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe), you’re probably wondering, what is with all these Marvel shows coming out? Well, it is up to Marvel fans (like me) to fill you in. Since the ending of Avengers Endgame, we have been left with fewer heroes and more questions. WandaVision and The Falcon and Winter Soldier give us updates on the characters and how they are dealing with the aftermath of their predecessors’ choices. Loki and What If…? also deal with the consequences of characters’ actions. Hopefully, you’ve been paying attention ‘cause here we go! 


WandaVision begins with Wanda Maximoff and Vision living an ordinary life in the suburbs. In the 1950’s?! As the show goes down the line, so does the filmography style of the show, and the mystery of what is to come gets more intense. Each episode leaves you with more questions than answers and you can’t wait to watch the next episode.  In the beginning, WandaVision is fun and filled with classic humor; but as the show progresses so does the plot. More action comes in, we see a few familiar faces, and the plot twists are mind blowing; but unfortunately, so is the magic. There are some elements of witchcraft in the show that are a bit ‘stronger’ than Harry Potter, but other than that, the show was great and keeps the audience interested. If this show were to get graded, I would give this show a B.  

The Falcon and Winter Soldier 

 The Falcon and Winter Soldier was phenomenal and handles current events in a tasteful manner. Sam Wilson (aka Flacon) is asked to carry on the legacy of Captain America, and he does not think he can do it, which disappoints Bucky Barnes (aka Winter Soldier) as he tries to atone for his sins in the past. When war is being threatened again, it is up to these two bickering brothers-in-arms to keep the peace, no matter the obstacle, even if it comes in stars and stripes. When you watch this show, you not only get an action-packed story with a side of snarky comedy, but you also see the world through different people’s perspective. The Falcon and Winter Soldier addresses American racism, unequal representation, PTSD, and how important community is in times of trial. There are some disturbing scenes, such as bombs going off and someone being beaten to death (off screen). With how well this show was done, I would give it an A. 


Loki begins after the Avengers botch a mission and Loki takes advantage of their “little” mishap; buuut, he does not get away with it for long. Loki breaks timeline and must suffer the consequences by helping the TVA (Time Variance Authority) in solving a series of unusual events. Throughout the series, Loki struggles with his identity as the God of Mischief, his past actions, and what to do next. Loki still pulls some of his classic pranks, but you also see a different side of him that you don’t really get to experience in the other MCU movies. There are so many twists and turns throughout time that keep you interested; and let’s just say that the ending will have your mind boggled (do people still say that?). There was a rumor that Loki is gender-fluid in the show but let me say that Loki does not “switch genders”. There is one scene with partial nudity, but nothing is shown. I think this show deserves to be graded with an A.  

What If…?  

What If…? still has episodes being released, so I cannot make an entirely fair assessment, but that does not mean that this show is any less spectacular than the others (don’t judge a show by its animated cover). What If…? plays to the multiverse (like Spider-Man into the Spiderverse) and what all would happen if one choice was made. There are so many loved and/or hated characters that have been twisted and changed. Some characters have been changed for the better, some for the funnier, others for the worse. Each episode will have you on the edge of your seat and begging for more. There are some dark elements in a few of the episodes, but all in all, it’s a great show and it is fun to imagine what will come next. I give this show an A, A, A, A, A, (sorry, A got stuck in the multiverse).  

All in all, I am satisfied with what the Marvel Cinematic Universe has put out; and I am sure there are many other fans that are just as eager, if not more so, as I am for what will be coming next. If you are interested in seeing more from the MCU and are like me and did not see Black Widow in theaters (major bummer), it has been released on Disney Plus for free viewing on October 6. Shang Chi is still in theaters, but if you do not want to pay to watch, you can wait for it to come to Disney Plus for free on November 12. Also, be on the lookout for the new Spider-Man, Hawkeye, Dr. Strange, Thor, and Black Panther movies within the next year. This year is going to be sweeeeeeeet! Happy viewing y’all!