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Valentine’s Day Banquet: A Night of Fun and Love for Others

Written By: Rachel Lamb 

On Friday, February 14, OKWU hosted its first Valentine’s Day banquet in the mansion. The students, couples and singles alike, dressed in their best formal attire for the event. The banquet started at 6:30pm and was supposed to end at 8:00pm, but the students were having such a good time that it did not end until 11:00pm. 

Walking into the mansion, people filled the entrance, chatting and taking their best photos. Everyone made small talk as they made their way to the living room, where they saw tables decorated with all kinds of centerpieces.  

Around 7pm, the tables were released to get their food. There were all kinds of pasta dishes, salad, and desserts provided by Spirit Church. The room filled with quiet chatter as everyone enjoyed their food. 

After dinner, the activities began. The people in attendance were instructed to write an interesting fact down about themselves that not everyone would know. The MCs of the night, Michael Chew and James Faynik, read some of the slips to the crowd, who then had to guess which person wrote it down. Most of the time, The Eagle’s very own Jonathan Clayton was a guess, even when it was very obvious that he was not the writer of the slip. When most of the facts were read, the MCs chose the top five interesting facts and their owners all got a prize. Sarah Tuggle won the most interesting fact by saying that she had been to the Emergency Room over twelve times.  

The next game was a finish-the-lyric singing competition. The students had to run up to the mic and finish the song lyric that had just ended. Most of the songs played were love songs, but they were all popular. Cori Campbell ended up winning the game after her opponent got the rest of a song lyric wrong.  

When they finished playing games, everyone moved back up to the entrance to take more pictures and start some dancing to end the night. The sweet songs played were one of the main reasons the Banquet lasted so long. They kept playing good songs, and everyone wanted to keep dancing to make the romantic moments last forever. 

The first OKWU Valentine’s Day Banquet was a success, and if you did not have the chance to go this year, there is always next year!