Women’s Golf Has Record Breaking Start

Written by: Rachel Lamb 

On September 10th, the OKWU women’s golf team beat their school record! The previous record was a score of 316, and the team shot the new record at 314. The five girls whos scores added up to make this number were senior Korena Aillssophomore Tiffani Naterasophomore Ashlyn Phipps, freshman Olivia Ziebro, and  senior Jordan Leonard. Jordan managed to put up the lowest score of these five and she came in second place out of the whole invitational. Great Job to our Lady Eagles. 

I had the chance to talk to Jordan, who was a key player in the team beating the record, about how she felt about the team’s accomplishments and what their goals are for the rest of the season. Jordan said that beating the record was an amazing feeling, but they were already expecting to beat the record. She says the team is great at pushing each other to beat their goals and that before the season they get together to determine their goals. By breaking the record, the team is not crossing this off their goals, but they will continue to shoot lower and lower to try and break the record again this season. Jordan’s personal goal is to “break the 70s, score into the 60s, and compete in the top 10 nationally. Her team goals are to continue to beat records, make more fun memories, and continue to support each other endlessly.  

I also talked to Coach Seymour about the team’s win and what Jordan’s role is on the team. Coach Seymour is very proud of his team and is very excited to see how the rest of the season goes. He also said that Jordan has helped the team tremendously in her years here. Seymour also said “I am looking for Jordan, being an upperclassmanto lead by example this year for the younger girls.” 

Jordan said that most people see golf as an individual sport, but she thinks that it is more about the team. And with a team like our Lady Eagles who can manage to break records, be supportive of each other, and have the best time together while on the course, it sounds like a mixture for a very successful season. Good luck to our Lady Eagles Golf team this season!